Heero's Round Robin Challenge!

Ok, here's the idea behind the Heero Round Robin. It's actually not a real round robin-style fic so much as a fic collection idea. I've got a prologue here, which shows Heero leaving after the end of EW for parts unknown. The challenge is for you to write a fic that picks up with this idea and shows what Heero does next.

If you're familiar with the TV shows "the Incredible Hulk" or "the Fugitive," you probably already understand the jist of what I'm trying to do. What I want is a collection of stories where Heero arrives in a new place, takes on a regular-Joe kind of job (preferably nothing to do with his Perfect Soldier skills) and hopefully, interacts with people in a very human way. At some point, either something occurs that causes him to expose his true identity, or the people following him discover where he's gone, and he is forced to pull up roots and move again. Relena does not follow him or seek to find him; she waits for his letters.

I'd like to start posting stories by June 30; I wanted to get the challenge out there early enough so you'd have a chance to cogitate on it and maybe come up with an idea. :) It's Ok to bring in other GW characters, though Heero is really trying to avoid all of them. I'm not sure if it's clear or not in the prologue, but what Heero's looking for is himself, his humanity. Please keep in mind that this is not about pairing Heero up with anyone, it's just about Heero. It's about who he is, all by himself. :)

the rules:

* Heero has to leave the fic in the same condition as he arrived, so that if it all works right, the episodes can be read in any order (No disfiguring the Heero, no breaking his heart, etc. ^_~). He has in his possession the clothes you see him wearing at the end of EW--jeans, jeans jacket, green shirt. He also has a small duffel bag, in which one can assume he carries spare clothing. ;) He is not carrying weapons other than perhaps a knife. He is not carrying a lot of money; what little he does carry is cash, because he doesn't want to leave a credit trail.

* Please don't post your story anywhere until after the page is posted here--I want to release all the stories at the same time. :) You can mail it to me at yoiko @ heero.nu--and please, paste the story into the body of the email, rather than sending an attachment. My virus protection software is not fond of attachments. :) If you aren't able to finish your story by June 30, I still want it! But I'm hoping we'll have a nice chunk of stories all ready to read first thing in July. :)

* If Heero refers to one of the other GW characters, please keep it neutral in terms of his feelings for them. I wouldn't want one fic to establish that he's in love with Quatre while another states that he's in love with Duo or Relena... you see what I mean, yes? :) It has to be neutral so that all the fics will still work together, and hopefully be enjoyable for yaoi and non-yaoi fans alike. :)

* If Heero goes to space during the course of your fic, please have him returning to Earth. I'm assuming that most of us will be writing about Heero wandering the globe. :)

* The people following him can be just about anyone you want, other than Relena. His friends may understand what he's doing, or they may decide he's nuts and start looking for him--just so long as the focus of the story remains on Heero and his search for himself, and not his friends and their search for him. People who are *not* pleased with the peaceful resolution of events will be looking for him as well, especially if they know that he is alone and unarmed, or if they think they can turn him to their cause. In the Incredible Hulk it was an amazingly tenacious reporter who dogged the protagonist's heels. :D

* Heero will need to adopt a pseudonym each time he adopts a new life. I think it would be good if his initials are always H.Y., but they don't have to be. :)

* Any questions? Mail me at yoiko @ heero.nu or sign Heero's guestbook, and I'll answer as soon as I possibly can. :)

If you're still with me, here's the prologue:

He had never before experienced a gap between sleeping and waking. To drift, somewhere between the two states, was something foreign and frightening and yet... sweetly peaceful.

He forced his eyes open; he didn't deserve peace. Relena released him, and he pulled himself upright abruptly, rejecting the comfort of her embrace even as a wistful longing for more echoed deep in his heart. He had never known softness, or the warmth of a mother's touch... but he couldn't afford to surrender to that.

Not yet.

"Heero," she said, softly, and their eyes met for a long moment, and he knew that she understood, and the pity and understanding he read in her eyes were even more frightening than the comfort of human contact. He turned wordlessly, feeling strange and disoriented, and started walking away, one leaden footstep at at time.

"Heero," she called after him, "write, when you can? Just to let me know you're all right?"

He paused, and nodded once. That was only fair. Then he started walking again.

"I hope you find what you're looking for," Relena whispered after him. /And I hope I'll see you again some day./


Heero found his way back out of the demolished complex and past the remains of Wing Zero. He had no baggage, no money, no prospects... but with each step he took away from the chaos of fighting, he felt stronger. He would disappear into the city, lose himself in the ebb and flow of people, and finally, finally... he would leave the past behind.

He wasn't sure what to do instead; other than the soldierly skills that had been drilled into him from an early age, he didn't really have any marketable abilities... and he didn't want to use those skills. He rejected them, and relished it. In a time of peace, soldiers weren't needed. He had finally escaped, finally finished with his obligations... he was finally free! He didn't have to fight any more.

"I don't have to fight any more," he whispered to himself, and a tiny smile curved his lips. He'd go some place where he wouldn't be recognized, and find work, and learn what it was to live as a normal person, rather than a soldier.

He was completely unaware that, as he was embarking on the biggest adventure of his life, some of those he had left behind him were already searching for him.


That's it! Think you're up to Heero's Fanfic Challenge? We look forward to seeing what you come up with! ^_^v

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