Heero's Image Galleries

Woo-hoo! We now have our image galleries up and running! ^_^v

Heero and Friends - Heero gets by with a little help from his friends... group shots and some whopping big panoramic images. ^_^

Close-captioned - Close-captioned for the impaired. ^_~ At one point in time, I actually had funny captions for all these images... but I've forgotten some. *^_^* Just ignore the lame comments and pretend like I had something clever to say, Ok? *^_^*

Fashion Plate Heero - Heero models quite a few different looks in these images. Some of them are wonderfully put-together... others... well. We all have our bad fashion days, don't we? ^_~

Lethal-Weapon Heero - These are mostly action shots; many of them show Heero doing what Heero does best (glaring and falling on his head? ^_~).

Heero Fanart - So far this is a pretty small collection, but we hope to add to it as time passes. ^_^

Credits - Gundam Wing Image Galleries

Our sincere and humble thanks to the wonderful image galleries that so generously shared with us! ^_^v (NOTE: Many of these are dead links now, but we still want to give credit where it's due!)

GundamWing.Net Our favorite all-purpose GW site! ^_^v

Sumire's Semi-Obscure Gundam Wing Cel Art Gallery Is THE place to go for hard-to-find GW pictures! ^_^v

The Lovers: Light and DarkHas some of the most beautiful Heero pictures on the Web! ^_^v

Astro's Gundam Wing Image Gallery Also has a wonderful image collection! ^_^v

And, last but not least, Becky's Wild Wing page is one of the best GW image galleries! ^_^

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