All five boys in Mariemeia uniforms.

Aaaand... the same pose, this time with Preventer gear. ^_~

A kind of creepy-looking panoramic pic; nobody knows whether Duo's dancing, possessed, or having a seizure of some kind. ^_~

Another panoramic shot; has all five pilots plus Relena, Treize, Une and Zechs.

Another panoramic shot; Heero's got his OZ uniform on.

All five pilots plus Treize and Zechs; I like Duo's hair in this one. ^_^v

The pilots and Relena dressed up in their best formal-wear. ^_^v

Another panoramic-type shot, this time with Relena and Noin.

Gundam pilots with guns. I love the grin on Duo's face! :D

Winter sports. From the look on Heero's face, I'd think Relena pushed him... :D

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