Valentines Day ^_^

Everyone's hard at work, but Duo looks bored. ^_~

A Christmas picture, but I'm not sure what fire and tea under a setting desert sun has to do with Christmas... ^_^;

Zero-gravity New Year's sort of picture; Heero's got a teddy bear, and Duo's getting happy with champagne! ^_~

Heero helping Duo...

And Duo helping Heero. ^_^ What are friends for?

You can tell a guy's really your friend, if he sees you in ruffles and doesn't laugh. ^_~

Another pose with all five pilots; Heero's in his flight suit. ^_~

The five pilots posing on a bridge, in kind of a weird perspective. ^_~

All five pilots, ready for action (except Duo ^_^;). Heero looks like he's about to take a nose-dive. ^_~

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