A cool pose with a starry-space background; Heero looks like he's trying to cast a magic spell or something. ^_~

Heero & Duo in skin-tight uniforms. ^_~

The big red couch picture! ^_~ Heero looks like he has three legs... :D

The GW boys at school. Wufei has a nap. Duo courts Death. ^_~

The pilots pose in their Preventers uniforms. ^_^

A picture with all five pilots. Wufei's looking kinda weird, but I love this shot of Heero. ^_~

The five boys at a window, listening to Trowa play the flute. ^_^

If GW had been set in the Wild West... ^_~

Four of the five pilots dressed for an evening out (no sign of Trowa; maybe he couldn't find a fancy enough turtleneck. ^_~)

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