Heero's Gundam took a hit.

Here he's in his Gundam again... he almost looks like a dark-haired Quatre.

Heero and his Gundam fell down...

"Gravity is a harsh mistress." (quote from the Tick. ^_~)

Heero with his self-destruct button in hand... "Ninmu ryokai."

Heero looks surprised to be dead... (edited bloodless picture of Heero after self-destruct)

He's only mostly dead! There's a big difference between mostly dead and ALL dead! (bloody unedited picture. Quote from the Princess Bride. ^_~)

When Heero gets the giggles, you know something or somebody just blew up. ^_~

Invitations? Who needs 'em?

Relena caught up to Heero - he looks almost sad to have to kill her. ^_~

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