Heero and Zechs

Heero and Zechs
Our Featured Pairing
July-December 2004!

My, don't they make an attractive couple for the yaoi-inclined? ^_~ But how likely is this pair? Well, there's certainly a connection between Heero and Zechs that does not exist between Zechs and the other pilots. It's Heero that he's obsessed with, and Heero that he rebuilds a Gundam for. One could argue that it's just a desire to beat Heero in a fair fight, and that's certainly what Zechs says it is. ^_~ But one could also argue that there's something more to his burning desire to see Heero again, even though the meeting costs Zechs so much (his career, for starters). And how does Heero feel about Zechs? Naturally, he threatens to kill him. ^_~ But he also willingly shakes hands with him, something that Heero doesn't do.

Whether in your mind they love or hate each other, the dynamic between these two is a fascinating aspect of the series. They have that unbending sense of honor in common, as well as the thrill of a good fight, and sparks fly whenever they share screen time. This, more than anything else, has earned Zechs and Heero Featured status for July-December 2004.


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